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    This is a lengthy article so please click Read More below to see the full text.
    Today I will write about this cheat project and its future.

    The original idea was to make a private mailing list that I would share my cheat with and any exploits that I found.
    That was scrapped as security was an issue.

    Instead we now have a forum where you can get a private build and security against any detections.
    For more, read:

    However there's been a few snags and a few users might think something will happen such as logging in one day and seeing a 404 when trying to reach this site.
    That will not happen. I am not interested in monetizing and milking this cashcow. Instead the plan is to create a private overwatch cheating group that can do as they will without anyone looking over their shoulder.

    People cheat for various reasons:
    - Old age or inexperience. Sometimes you want to join in on the fun but you might have bad nerve reflex and can't be bothered playing Mercy every game. Even if you are a loser without cheats, no one in real life will care. It's about the experience you can get. And as you do not have any ragehack features that can ruin a game for everyone, including your teammates, I can live with that and so can you.

    - Peer pressure. You can either cheat today and carry your friends. Or you can spend 1 year training, lose time for other stuff in your life and even lose friends in the process due to arguments because you did not play well that game. Cheating skips that and is more of a lifehack.

    - Anger. If you ever get 40 Kills, 4 gold stars and still lose you very well know that Blizzard fucked you over by matching you with intentionally bad teammates or stacks. IF you have cheats you can lose the game but still be consistent and win the other games that follow whilst the other players fall.

    I personally used to play 5 hours but nowadays maybe clog in 10 mins - 1 hour because I destroy everyone and that's enough for me.

    So starting today, I will try to free user privileges and let you post in the Chat/General forum. However it is still advised that you do not leak your information to anyone.
    Please read why here:

    Second part of the article is turbulence in the cheat community.
    Two users tried to conspire and "leak" my cheat's source code. I am not stupid and I have protected the cheat well enough that it can start to attack the malicious user (not literally, but the program is smart and has safety precautions)
    They seem to instead share some old code from somewhere that is not well made and is super short.

    As result of their failures, one got banned for causing drama (not on this forum, they are not registered here)
    and the other one is still trying.
    If you have seen the advertised "GUILess Overwatch cheat" do note that they have no coding experience and did not actually look at what they were sharing. It's also embarassing that they did not inspect the code because it had Oahsys snippets of code because one mantains that specific cheat for the public and did not understand that he was re-releasing the same code.

    So I will be upfront about this. Oahsys is not an unique cheat. The korean used two public AHK cheats and merged them together. You can find part 2 (Pixeldetection based on .bitmap) in the GUILess thread over at Ownedcore section and part 1 on the internet from 2011.

    My cheat does not use any function from either two and I've noticed that people will lagg when trying to use the GUILess cheat because he did not maintain it and jumped the gun trying to start drama.

    This is also why I have problem helping people that say that the Korean cheat worked for them. Mine and the Korean's are entirely different and I can only help you with my cheat.

    Third part of the article and last:

    When I designed the cheat, I was looking for a smooth experience because my last cheat that I used in CSGO
    for years had never gotten me banned or called out because it was 'humanized'.
    I decided to bring that experience to Overwatch.

    Here's the builds I have and will come in the future or not.

    BETA - This is the one I used for approx. 45 days. Silky smooth and was only for high level ranked. I didn't consider it a superb cheat. It was subtle, gentle and would stick to the enemies. It's whole point was to help me have a small edge.

    PRIMA - The one everyone uses. It's faster and intended for mainstream use. The main idea for this one is that everyone can use it, no settings needed, and they can grind levels with it. Basically a cheat they can rely on because it won't fail and will respond!

    DEKA - This is the fabled McCree cheat. I've worked with it a lot. It includes new functions and faster code.
    The idea is that you have no enemy HP bars needed and will hit anyone in your range of view and lock onto them.
    There's several problems. You'd need a good triggerbot. I have mine but it needs better response time, so to mitigate it I tried to write an autoit script but autoit will chew your computer and drop a lot of FPS which was not ideal. The other problem was that if the triggerbot worked, you'd have the speed problem. My aimbot is supposed to be smooth but if you play with McCree you need something fast and the only solution is to have an internal aimbot/cheat that can respond fast and not look odd. If you watch this video from oahsys, after he hits someone to reveal HP bar and locks onto them the aim will go super fast and lock onto the enemy which looks very obvious that he's cheating.
    While it looks total boss to wipe the floor with this steroid cheat, you will end up banned and Oahsys has said himself that he is worried that it will be the case hence why no release yet.

    Therefore my version, I believe, will still have the same functionality but the aimbot will be a tiny bit sped up compared to PRIMA. Not enough to look obvious but still give you that edge.

    MARIOT - Long range build. Pretty much instaban. By having long range enabled, you will move your accuracy data from 60% to 90% and that's the number that will get your account flagged by Blizzard.
    Remember no one hits from long range naturally. It's obvious and will get you mass reported.

    SETTIS - PRIMA cheat with an .ini file but there's the risk that people will mess with it and make the cheat perform like it's on steroids. When I had private CS cheats I was always told not to mess with the config file as I would just end up going greedier and greedier with the aim which would make me obvious and risk my account.

    Hope this gives you a better understanding when it comes to my cheat and the community.

    This image should explain both yours and my rights
    We are both equals, so show some space and respect.

    Thanks for reading!

    Please write below for any discussion:
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Discussion in 'Bulletin' started by Bunny, Sep 4, 2016.

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