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    Extremely long post. Please read this and do not PM me as most is explained below.
    Press Continue... at the bottom to read the full post.

    With time comes wisdom. As such I like to share my thoughts and any transparency possible.
    Definitive Edition. Will not be released. Period.
    Why? When I first designed the cheat I made it for specifically for Tracer and Zarya.
    Then added support for more freedom, however most just toggle pro mode and do what the cheat is intended to do:
    Play with a small advantage.
    Today DVAS is notorious for being the most legit looking piece of software for a small buck, which annoys people a lot.
    Instead coder's from all around the world decided to create alternative solutions by simply adding rage features and for insane cheap prices to get more customers.
    For me it wasn't about any gain. When I wrote this software "I mentioned The Defense of Cheating." (Article)

    Whilst I wasn't very honest, I did hint about my personal problems. I infact suffer from carpal tunnel and had have operations on my dominant wrist several times.
    I cannot play any First person shooter normally. I cannot mantain friends in-games due to the super poor performance and physical pains followed. I can't even play BF4 on my PS4 anymore.

    Writing this piece of software let me play the game like intended. That's why there's no rage features, that's why there's no auto aim.
    The software is smart and uses 'magnetic' lock-ons, subtle ones. Similar to how aim-assist works for Console players.
    Similar to how I contracted a personal coder for me back in CSGO to make a subtle aim based tool for my needs and nothing fancy.

    There's no real advantage you'd have against a good player. When I released Highrise I mentioned that asking for upgrades was pointless as the game is team-based and less aim based. Most users hit that ELO climbing wall somewhere in the 3000 range where they realize they can't play 1v11.
    I and many others have also said several times, you should only use it when in need. As it's a subtle assist, not something you should rely on.
    You instead form bad habits in the end and move your mouse less and have 0 game sense, basically an aim zombie.

    That's where it all escalates. Instead I get asked to add more features to rehabilitate these people.
    Because for some reason, If one provider offers new features I am somehow obliged to provide more cutting edge solutions.
    I did add Highrise update which made long-range possible however it would have intentional sway to make it less obvious that the software was helping the user out, otherwise it would be headshot city.
    And I stated back then my stance would not change. I am not gonna make rage features, I adhere by my principles.

    What annoys me the most is the frequent rampaging cheaters that inhabit the game today.
    Today people pump out tons of cheats that compete with various providers, all offering tons of extreme features with settings spiking the cheats to perform outrageous things.
    Korea is a notable example, where koreans will pump out tons of lvl 1 accounts on American servers with roided cheats and then ruin everyones fun. Then those accounts vanish within a day, but come back the next.

    We used to have this back in CSGO.
    And then playerbase just took a turn. Today CSGO is barely moving anywhere in player numbers, with people leaving and coming back to see if the rage hacking problem is gone. A standstill mass.
    I personally know that several CSGO professionals are cheating, online being the most popular. And nothing will ever be done about it, I know this. Maybe one of the professionals will write a book about it in their later years.

    I have even spoken personally with moderation staff for several sites and no one likes the rampant situation, believe it or not moderators often play legit as they have years of experience in cheating and already know where the
    road leads. They rather keep their accounts, but share any wisdom they have from experience.

    As for my decision to not release Definitive Edition, I choose not to be another cog part of the machine. I believe in what I wrote in the article above, I've advertised several times that this cheat won't make you a pro, it won't snipe some poor guy 1 mile away, it won't make you a Twitch personality or someone famous. It's just a small tool to enjoy the game if you are unable to.

    I might take some flack for it, I might get flamed or threatened but after REVIEWING the stuff I was about to release as an update I realized I fucked up. I like the game, and I do not want to see some guy with a bow running around
    zapping everyone with an arrow and claim he's skilled. I don't want to log back into a deserted server, only to be hit instantly by a cheating 13 year old taunting sniper. We have TF2 for that Kappa
    As you start winning rather unfairly, it becomes akin to beating a dead horse.
    You don't actually win in the end.

    I know people might protest and leave. Someone told me that only 10% of your current subscribers will come back as recurring subscribers.
    And it seems to be rather false. In my case 0.5% Kappa so either way people don't actually renew so I lose nothing.

    Some argue that I should release these tools for the huge potential PROFIT (or enticing people to come back) or getting ahead of competition, get my name out there!
    But I want to keep this small. Hell, when the banwaves rolled out for dozens cheat providers I decided to not profiteer from the influx of users, I sent them to a veterans fund page where they could donate their money which was a success.

    Most of the potential 'would-be' cheaters are gone it seems, those 7 banwaves that hit worldwide scared a lot of people off. A lot of cheating sites lost tons of traffic, interest and such.
    Everything is a ghostzone, forum sections, social channels. All drying up.
    In fact my site is also suffering from the standstill masses problem, this month I only gained 20 unique IPs average (except there's a lot more dips).
    Here's some additional fun stats:
    Countries, ranked most interest TOP-BOTTOM lowest.

    However a small update will be deployed to change some pricing, competitions, and a small optimization patch to keep the community entertained as this was planned a long time ago.

    If you have any discontent with anything above, go ahead and give me some flack. I know I'm wrong but I can take it.


Discussion in 'Bulletin' started by Bunny, Dec 24, 2016.

    1. ZeroHero
      Thanks for everything Bunny bloodtrail
    2. moon
      Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making DVASystems what it is today. I've never come across a more reliable cheating solution with such a participating developer. Sure, there's definitely going to be people who don't agree with you, but that doesn't mean there aren't people who do.

      If anything, I'm happy with the decision you've made. People came here looking for that reliable cheating solution that I've mentioned, and from what I know, they've experienced the game at a whole different level - people climbed from low silver to platinum, from platinum to diamond, and so on.

      Sticking to our roots and maintaining the atmosphere that you've created of providing a humanized and legitimate cheat is something that we shouldn't abandon for something that other cheating communities failed to recognize, and that's keeping a compact community.

      Don't blame yourself! Take a look at what you've created and how far it's gone in the past couple of months. You did great and will continue to do so. I know that everyone else may not feel the same way, but I strongly encourage you to look at it from Bunny's perspective and understand why the decision was made.

      Once again, thank you. bloodtrail
    3. rslueshi
      I'm fine with it, just wish there was something to make the drag to the left a little less in strength :)

      I'm glad you are able to play the game though with your condition. I have a friend who has this and he isn't able to do much these days.

      You call the shots, I just pay you. Thanks for the great program! <3
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    4. messycan
      This article makes me want to buy a 1 year sub. Been browsing for a couple months debating. Thanks for being transparent. I will definitely be looking to get a private configuration in the coming weeks. Still got to recover from the Christmas splurge on the family.
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    5. Jonathan
      Nah man. I see where you are totally coming from and your reasons are justified.
      Your tool helped me enjoy the game and play characters I could never have been able to play in a PvP game.

      You see, you'd get flamed for trying to practice a hero and your aim in a game. So you avoid using those characters and instead fall back on those that you could use without good aim. Because of that I was restricted to just play the same few heroes and never could do much in a game. But because of your tool, I was able to use these characters and at the same time practice my aim with them, while not having to be under fire from my team mates for doing nothing. Because for once, I am doing something.

      And over the course of just a month of playing and using your tool, my unassisted aim has gotten reasonably better. And I could at times, not use the tool at all. The tool does get a little wonky on pro mode and it shakes quite a bit sometimes for me. But I don't mind. Thank you for doing what you have been doing. I'm glad I found you and this tool.

      Keep on keeping on! pogchamp
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    6. moddingu15
      The reason I got dva was because I get wrist pains too. So I searched around for awhile and was lucky enough to find your program. I'm not some 14 year old kid that wants to be a "l337 haxor", with wallhacks and super aimbots. I just want my aim to be like it used to be when I was younger, which is what dva does. So I'm not bummed out by this news... Heck, I use dva with Zenyatta just fine, it just takes a little practice to compensate for the projectile.

      However, I do hope you at least release the Ana bot. As that looked like a cool feature. I know I'm new but keep up the good work.
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    7. Bunny
      I'll probably release the minor stuff and suggestions incl ana bot.
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    8. Nick
      Hey I have read everything you have mentioned and I 100% agree. I have been around the cheating scene for around ~12 years or so. I have seen the rise and fall of many cheat sites, I moderated a popular one for a bit, I have an account on almost every major cheating site that offers hacks. I know the issue CSGO faces. I am one of those people who keeps checking back in and seeing if VAC has done anything lately. It never does. Gone are the times of closet hacking in Counter-Strike. That died with source.

      I don't want to see Overwatch become like that. And for this I thank you. You are doing the hard thing and potentially losing a lot of customers and/or community members. It will happen, but those of us who are here for just a bit of assistance (those of us who understand that Overwatch isn't CSGO and 1v6 isn't going to happen - you need a team to win) will stay and we will be stronger than ever.

      CSGO has no end to the hackers, they are blatant, annoying, and 95% of the time under the age of 18 with a voice that makes me want to murder a small puppy (not really but pretty close). They grab mommies CC and buy their hacks with it. Thank GOD you only accept bitcoin. Gives a small barrier to those script kiddies and the wining and crying that comes with it. You are doing the right thing here and limiting what we can achieve on our own/with the hack. You are forcing us to use it as assistance, a crutch instead of a wheelchair. I thank you.

      However, just because you are not releasing it to the "public", doesn't mean your work should go unused or unrewarded. Why not have another Private hack option but increase the price for the exclusive update ($250 -> $350? or maybe $100 dollar down-payment +$50 a month?). Fill 10 slots - see how they like it and how it works. If that works out - give it a max of 25 slots. Once they are taken, its over - no more until a slot frees up or something. Would be a good way to at least get something out of the time and effort you put in. But once again, this is up to you and I think you are doing the right think in not giving a wheelchair to the "public".

      Thank you for keeping us in the loop, and letting us know why you are doing what you do. Communication is key in all relationships, from personal to professional, and you are doing a wonderful job.

      Thank you and Happy Holidays from Myself and My Friends - may your temperatures be low, and your frames high.
    9. dimethi
      Like all the posters above me, I'd like to voice my thanks to you for providing this service.
      I think having knowledge is better (as opposed to ignorance is bliss), and while being transparent about a topic as impactful as this may draw some frustation, I really appreciate you taking the time to explain your reasoning behind it. Keep up the good work :)
    10. Takeavvay
      This is the best thing for the community, if other people want rage hacks they can go elsewhere and find other solutions .You provide the principles which the majority of us want here, a safe hack which only assists gameplay slighty and doesnt ruin the game, thank you for keeping us informed and standing by your word, keep up the good work mate
    11. Renown
      Hello Bunny, I've been thinking for a long time what i can write here. . I understand your decision but I am also disappointed. I paid the $ 250 to participate in the beta test, which was my real reason.
      I've figured out what it's all about. But that does not give me back my money. I also do not think it was a decision of you over night. So you knew for a long time that you will not bring it out. I do not want to embarrass you or offend you. I just want to tell you what I just think and feel, just like you told us. In germany you would call you a crook, but I will not do it. If you understand me now or not I do not care first. Now I am considering whether the private copy really gives me more security? Who can control this? I have a problem now to trust you again. I will not leave DVA maybe i am one of the 0.5%: P. I was looking forward to a Genji or Hanzo bot

      I also do not want to have an anger cheat or a small child what enrage goes. I hope you understand what I write here, my English is not quite as good.

      I hope you're not mad at me now. But I think as a customer and part of the community you can write your thoughts here.

      Please do not take it wrong, there is now no bad blood here.

      In all respect
      I wish you nice Christmas and all the best
    12. Marble
      I think the cheat is very nice as it is, the only feature i really miss is aim sensitivity customization, so that i can play with my original sensitivity, other then that it does the job really well. I know i will never have the aim and reflexes of a kid that plays in the pro scene, I had that and was very good at TF2 at that age, but now i just want to have some fun with my friends. Thanks for the great job.
    13. T59
      I am kind of dissapointed.

      McCree, Widow and Hanzo were more like fun features that would have allowed me to play those in quick play, arcade and so on. I'm probably never going to play those heroes as long as they don't take a big place the current meta.

      "Rage cheating" in this game is pointless. It is a waste of money and time. It is the user's own responsibility to use features that would get you called out for cheating. Same story as in everysingle game.

      That 14 years old kid wouldn't last a month being a ragehacker in this game and since the game isn't as cheap as CSGO for exemple, they'd probably think twice before trying to rage again.

      Those who don't give a single f*ck will go somewhere else.

      On the financial side, it 100% your loss without a doubt. Especially since the community is already dying.

      About the moral part, you're 100% winning this. Just from reading the whole post, I can tell you're probably a good person in real life.

      But at the end of the day you're being honest and we got what we paid for in the first place.

      So there's nothing to bitch about.
    14. AxtLord
      Thank you Bunny for your post, your honesty and your transparency. To hear what you wrote makes me really happy and smile contentedly. Up till now I have never ever even thought about cheating in a FPS game, simply because I was good. Not the best player, but I always had my fun and was satisfied.
      I'm a young person who studies atm. Two years ago, I got a major clinical depression because of so much pressure from the university and hard family misfortunes. My whole world collapsed in front of me.
      Right now, I can live an acceptable life (for me). But only because I take strong medical tablets. I need a pill in the morning, just to find the strength to stand up. These pills are so damn strong in boosting me up, that I can't fall a sleep in a natural way anymore. So I need to take another pill 10 min before I want to sleep, which literally knocks me out instantly.
      The downside of this all is, that my hands are shaking. It makes it nearly impossible for me to sniper or even aim constantly at a target.
      That's why I'm looking right now for some kind of an aim-assist. I don't want a rage aimbot or something like that to ruin everyones game. I don't want to get rank 4000+. I don't want to become a famous person for my perfect aiming or a superior sniper. All I want is a normal, good gameplay which I can enjoy without completely destroying the fun of my opponents.
      I think we have the same sense in common.

      I totally appreciate your decision not to release the next stage of your cheat (Definitive Edition)! I'd never even use it. Also I really appreciate your upcoming "change some pricing". Because right now, I really can't effort your cheat (I'm talking about the private one), Hopefully I get some money this Christmas. I'd really love to get a private edition of your cheat as soon as I've the money for it.

      I personally wish you all the best Bunny, especially for your health! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone! :)
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    15. EddieMurphy
      Never really knew what you were going through. But thank you for in sighting us the future of D.VA Systems online. We all appreciate your hard work.
    16. bleedblue
      Thank you @Bunny, you are one of a kind. No other provider takes care of veteran like you did. I am grateful to meet someone who doesn't have the same mindset...I grew up playing CS since alpha version before 1.0. So much rage hack that the game couldn't be playable. From speedhacks to clip mode, cause people to leave. You are right about peeking back in and off to see if value did anything but all they do is add more skins and loots. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas and a happy holidays.
    17. Rolando
      Well @Bunny you are a really good guy, really.
      I know that the cheating scene is on the most made by kids that want the most "aimy" shit out there cause they want to seems pro with nothing of their personal talent.
      You should remain in your think position and keep doing what you are currently doing!
      Keep up your work man, u're doing fine.
    18. Ghoul
      you know me, any added feature is just a bonus and is to be treated respectfully! thesedays I don't have the time to keep practicing and getting muscle memory, id rather going outdoor climbing/kayaking so Dva is a way for me to chillout and still be competitive enough to keep my friends up around diamond level! while I am sure with a couple weeks playing solidly I could make master this tool just lets me worry about what everyone else is doing and try organize them during a match. People from my thoughts just want something that insta kills everyone, but these kids fail to realize that those cheats almost everytime will get them banned. There are just some people in the world who like to watch the world burn and ruin things for everyone. you have a different community to those who buy cheats for raging, would be a waste to destroy the project, maybe having features on the list as prizes/treats for some of the customers who you think will be sensible, releasing none of them to new members! even if they dont all get released nobody can really smack talk you or complain, your cheat is literally the best out in the market!

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