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Discussion in 'Bulletin' started by Bunny, Nov 16, 2016.

By Bunny on Nov 16, 2016 at 6:19 PM
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    Aug 31, 2016
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    There's two new competitions up which can net you extra subscription time.
    First one is active and can be reached here:
    Competition details

    Second competition will be announced as the season ends.

    The changes that are going in effect now is the HWID case handling.
    Currently two people have had their accounts hijacked, not to damage anyone but to get free cheats.
    This is mainly done because users use same passwords on various sites, if you want to stop this you can:
    A) Change password
    B) Change email and password
    C) Request an username change and then change password
    Or D) Enable 2 step auth
    However since people are actually busy playing, doing such things is not on their mind meaning inactive accounts will come to "life" and ask for HWID change.
    To stop this, I've put more restrictions on HWID change or rather they were always there but not enforced.
    If you are a normal customer, nothing will change. This is just backend stuff that I should be handling.

    I do have other third-party alternatives to stop this, but at the moment I think this is much easier as it feels more free.
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Discussion in 'Bulletin' started by Bunny, Nov 16, 2016.

    1. D.Va
      Poor guys... Congratz for the changes, anyway! Let's hope that's enough to prevent massive hijacking from happening...

      However, I guess only subscribed members can join the competition, right?
    2. Bunny
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    3. FlatisJustice
      maybe that's me?

      I'm actually bored with OW, just playing Hanzo all matches in ranked this past months LOL.
    4. Arkayne
      I will always back Two-Step Verification. As someone who has had their online account(s) compromised, and even lost beloved and long-played characters, I truly think it's a good idea and only takes you a few moments to set it up :)

      Also lol @ the competition xD Sounds like fun :P
    5. Arkayne
      Try out the new arcade. it's pretty fun and has something for everyone :) Careful with using D.Va Systems in the 1v1 stuff though, I was called out often for winning so often lmao.. I mean luck of the draw that I got reaper, soldier and tracer :P

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