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As promised I try to write an article about whatever that needs to be addressed.

It will be in 3 parts. With the topmost being the most important for some.

McCree cheat has been discontinued. That does not mean it's gone. It meant that I will no longer provide beta invites. Why?
Because I will incorporate the McCree cheat into the main cheat. Meaning that the cheat will now be in one package!

The reason for this is because some people noticed that the triggerbot could be used for heroes such as Reaper, Ana, Widowmaker, Roadhog, Pharah and in a very odd case Zarya
I know one of you guys tried on Zarya because I played against you and the triggerbot kept spamming the laser. It was very funny to look at.

When will the update come? First off there's two issues.
1. BF1 just got released.
And instead of playing BF1, I redownloaded BF4 and have been playing it nonstop.
It reminds me of the good times of BF3. I didn't have money back then and was quite poor, had to sell my NDS for 50$ to afford a brand new copy. I would spend all day sitting on the floor whilst playing on my shitty CTR TV all night whilst the TV emitted small sounds of explosions at Volume 1 to not wake anyone up.
Good times 5 years ago.

2. Second issue is once that update is finished, I will have to spend approx 10 hours generating every possibly new copy. This means I have to schedule a day when I am completely free to ship it out along with handling orders for the next 24 hours.

Here's some stats of my backup. Look at how many files I usually mess with.

Generally I dislike doing this. But I did work in Internet Marketing for 1 year. And I despise when people are being lead on and falsely advertised because they only want money.
Dishonesty is one hell of a drug.
A korean...
Hello, this is a short update.
My sales thread is filled with the same spam "Does this work for Windows 10, Sent you a PM, Do you accept a gift card" et al.

If you are satisfied with your service, please leave a vouch as that helps me a lot

As a token of gratitude I will give you a gold star or something stylish on your profile.
Please comment on this article if you have left a vouch or already done that! bloodtrail
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This is a bulletin post on the newly released McCree cheat.
First things first, it's only intended for McCree.
If you want a normal cheat for all heroes such as Tracer, Reaper and so on please use Prima as it works perfectly fine.
Some might believe the McCree cheat is perfect for Reaper in the future but that's insane as Reaper has a shotgun and can not miss. minik
But if someone picks McCree just switch to Reaper.

What McCree's cheat is notorious for is the no use of Health Bars as it has a built in triggerbot that will hit anyone near his cross sights and snap onto them when ready.

With PRIMA you need to see the health bar to aimlock. It doesn't mean it's inferior but McCree has hard time hitting anyone without a triggerbot or seeing the Health Bar compared to Tracer or Reaper who have huge sprays that are beneficial for cheaters to trigger the Health Bar's visibility.

The cheat is a spiritual successor to PRIMA cheat. It's not aimed to replace it and only is meant to serve one hero PRIMA has hard time working on: McCree

My plan is to get some sleep and just tinker the long range triggerbot. I had a problem where I kept shooting anything Orange but red was safe since I had a good way of detecting color red changes by isolating the lighter tones (Incoming Orange) and capping it at harder shades of red.
This is an easy way to isolate all hues of red. But the enemy outlines do not solely use red.
Here's an image to prove my point:
As you can see McCree's outline turns orange the farther away. And behind him is the carpet I kept shooting after the orange colors.

I can fix it but I will personally have to spend some time with the cheat and the detection of said colors later.
I have an idea what to do bloodtrail

Anyhow after that is solved I plan to release the final McCree cheat with possibly aim changes too....
If you are a new user this is not the main cheat.
For more info:

To request the main cheat

To request the prototype DEKA cheat

Currently busy as I do not have enough time at the moment to write a full synopsis. Check the thread as I will update it with information once I am done building the first copy.

1680x1050 resolution
Aimkey 4

This is a public testing build, I do not need feedback this is just the first alpha release for anyone that wants as promised today.

Download links have been sent to those who requested a copy!
The Lounge is now live, you can post and chat freely. Remember to censor any screenshots so that you do not get caught and never upload full sized ones as they have a watermark.

New forum - Lounge with sub-forums
User portraits changed with VIP title. User titles coming.
Twitch emoticons added so you can spam Kappa
Click the smiley button when posting a reply.
User titles depending on your performance in-game. Ranks and stats

Planned changes:
All done!
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Today I will write about this cheat project and its future.

The original idea was to make a private mailing list that I would share my cheat with and any exploits that I found.
That was scrapped as security was an issue.

Instead we now have a forum where you can get a private build and security against any detections.
For more, read:

However there's been a few snags and a few users might think something will happen such as logging in one day and seeing a 404 when trying to reach this site.
That will not happen. I am not interested in monetizing and milking this cashcow. Instead the plan is to create a private overwatch cheating group that can do as they will without anyone looking over their shoulder.

People cheat for various reasons:
- Old age or inexperience. Sometimes you want to join in on the fun but you might have bad nerve reflex and can't be bothered playing Mercy every game. Even if you are a loser without cheats, no one in real life will care. It's about the experience you can get. And as you do not have any ragehack features that can ruin a game for everyone, including your teammates, I can live with that and so can you.

- Peer pressure. You can either cheat today and carry your friends. Or you can spend 1 year training, lose time for other stuff in your life and even lose friends in the process due to arguments because you did not play well that game. Cheating skips that and is more of a lifehack.

- Anger. If you ever get 40 Kills, 4 gold stars and still lose you very well know that Blizzard fucked you over by matching you with intentionally bad teammates or stacks. IF you have cheats you can lose the game but still be consistent and win the other games that follow whilst the other players fall.

I personally used to play 5 hours but nowadays maybe clog in 10 mins - 1...
As Season 2 Competitive has been released I encourage you all to grind and show off your new ranks.
Highest rank gets 3 months of extra subscription. That's 50$ worth!

You can post in this thread freely.
Hello, today I have helped many and out of 13 customers only 1 failed to be helped who I spent hours troubleshooting with. All because of his PC reacting differently to AHK scripts in general.
It's still a big success rate as you do not get support at all if you purchase from Oahsys. Just a small text and picture.

Starting today as I do not want to waste more time when the solution is already in FAQ 99% of the time, I've changed the Issue tracker and how it works. It has new sections to post in and I will now often just write a short reply instead of pages of text.

If there's no response just assume I don't have time because the answer can be found in the technical FAQ.
Harsh but I am a coder, not technician. This is Autohotkey for gods sake, use google.
But I still have a 100% response rate and you can see my post counter keep going up if you are scared that I won't reply.

Here's an image that should explain it much easier:

Remember you paid for the cheat and a license. If it's not working, read FAQ, submit a Ticket and destroy your PC.
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Hello, today I am going to teach you about Ban waves and detection since I keep getting asked.
Some history: I used to cheat a lot on CSGO and was part of very secret private groups. I am not gonna elaborate on that any further.

However when you cheat in CSGO, you can either play on regular matchmaking with VAC anti-cheat.
Or Paid Matchmaking with ESEA Anti-Cheat.
When you agree to play on ESEA, they will install a driver that will act as an anti-cheat. Only a DRIVER can detect any macro inputs.

AHK uses a function that is called "mouse_event()". This is a Windows internal function that send the mouse movement DIRECTLY into mouse stream. Why can't blizzard detect if this function gets called? Because you need SYSTEM rights and "hook a function thats called NtUsersedInput in w32k.sys". You did not understand what I just said? Alright easy words: You need a DRIVER. A driver has SYSTEM rights and can detect such things.

A driver is also hard to install if Blizzard takes that route as you need different drivers for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 // 32-BIT, 64-BIT. Meaning most of the playerbase will probably be unable to play due to faulty drivers and their needs for maintaining and updating.

Thus there are many things Blizzard might try to do to DISCOURAGE you from cheating but not STOPPING you.

Here's a list:
1) They can release a blogpost threatening anyone that uses AHK with a ban.
(This has already been done by Support Live Chat)
2) They will stop handing out bans resulting from reports and instead wait until they have enough pending bans to release a fake banwave. A banwave based on reports but not cheat detection.
3) They might go after Stinkyjoint's public cheat.exe and add it to the digital signature list and hand out bans.
If you run the source code as .ahk you would not have anything to worry about as the digital signature will be different.
In my...
I've woken up from my slumber. Will resume work and help with any questions!