Showcase video:

Vimeo might have no sound or stuttering, try use Firefox.
Watch in HD!
Sorry about the huge watermark, but the Koreans/Chinese do steal videos and then use them to scam with.

How-to get it:

Copies will be rolled out later today. They come in batches.
All license requests cleared, 10 copies sent out.
Will work on future requests when they start coming in again.
Second batch sent out!

- Still fixing a few misc issues. There is a case where the trigger wont shoot in one spot at El Dorado. Currently fixing that. Suspect it's some abnormal lightning as everyone turns yellow at that area.

In other news the Trigger changes have been positive as it seems the avg. scoped accuracy has gone from 50%~ to 60%~ with all these bugfixes, placing us at least top 5% in that category skill wise compared to other players.

This is from a long game, was sitting at 97% accuracy with the first 5 kills. That must've been 9-10 shots that did hit their target which is good!
Update / Changes

- Fixed some indexing
- Long Range reworked. Only McCree is affected.
There were cases where McCree would try to shoot twice at someone from long range, meaning it felt like the left button was always pressed down and thus it would not have time to recover and try to time the shot at other targets.
This is fixed now and it should be easier to shoot precisely. Extreme ranges was never affected meaning you can still snipe someone a mile away with McCree no problem.
Added abnormal skins into the index. Some skins have different colors on the outline, still red but not on the spectrum. Such as Hanzo's Wolf outfit.

Better compatibility with Volskaya Industries and El Dorado
Been beta testing and bug fixing for 3 hours straight.

Changes / Updates / Bugs:
- Color consistency improved, meaning it's harder for other elements to trick the triggerbot into shooting.
- Medium range improved. Few cases where it wouldn't shoot.
- New colors indexed. Triggerbot now works on Winter maps.
- Reduced times GREATLY where the triggerbot would shoot orange walls due to Long Range using the color bright orange. This does not mean that it's entirely gone but I'd believe 50% of the cases are fixed but Watchpoint Gibraltar Point A still remains a question. Route 66 also a bit improved.

Stay tuned.
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Hello! As of today SUBITA MORTIS is completed and ready for deployment. Here's what's changed:


McCree cheat (OLD):

Short range.
Shooting problems. Wouldn't do anything at all sometimes.
A bit slower on shooting due to detection.

Subita Mortis (NEW)
Super long range.
Shoots what's needed to be shot! All enemies detected!
Faster reaction and trigger response meaning McCree, Reaper and Widow can do some sick reaction kills like the Koreans daesuppy Related:
Better color detection and mitigation:
Orb of Harmony (Yellow color) is no longer a problem.
Scanlines, easier bodyshots and shooting in general.
Better indexing of colors, sometimes you wont even need red outlines (if that even happens)
All heroes supported! Meaning you can do whatever with the triggerbot and just have fun if you don't feel like playing McCree, Widowmaker and Reaper!
FPS optimized. 0 FPS loss for me.

There are a few occassions where the triggerbot will not respond to enemies with abnormal colors. One example is the Yellow + Orange + Sunlight, as it's very far away from red. It's rare but if it's happens just press the triggerbot aimkey and it will shoot again normally.
You can shoot red objects sometimes, rare and does nothing in general but whatever failfish
Nametag/HP Bar bug. You will notice sometimes that the Triggerbot will shoot to fast if you aim from the left side, this is due to the scanline method detecting the RED Nametag/HP bar and will prefire because of that. Nothing will be done, as HP bar is very close to red outline in colors.
I know that I could introduce a filter to the specific color of the HP bar but then theres always risk the triggerbot will straight up stop working because they cheat would stop any red colors from being detected....
The competition for 3 Months extra subscription is still ongoing.
I was just informed someone hit Master already with the cheat, so I think I should keep rankings updated:

Current standings until 1st Oct.
1. USER00005 (3 MONTHS), Grand Master, 4XXX
2. USER00007 (1 MONTH), Master, 37XX
3. ????

1st place Prize, 3 months
2-3 place Prize, 1 month each.

Post your rank in this thread or the badge thread
Remember to censor the 2 last numbers, i.e 32XX
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Played two OW games today. First Widowmaker and then McCree.
Extremely long ranges are supported. I did not use aimbot in the games meaning it was pretty much me relying on the trigger hitting the targets.

Here's an image with the stats, I got Play of the Game in both games as the enemy could not push past the first control point.
As you can see, the accuracy is quite high without any aimbot usage. Even though there are shots where I intentionally miss to scare the enemy or the bullet travel gimping my shots.

There are two issues at the moment, which can be an issue to some and one I cannot solve and never will.
The first one is the accessibility of the cheat.

The trigger is useless if it's a pure pixel detector. What I mean by this is if the cheat were to actually read a small pixel area such as 1x1 or 2x2 you would never hit anything because you'd have to match your crosshair perfectly on that small line which is impossible.
Here's an example.
As you can see, in the first section of the image you'd think that this would be an easy shot and you'd get the kill.
However the crosshair is not on the outline. It's 2 pixels under it. Meaning if my triggerbot used a pure pixel detector it would not shoot.

However I solved it by adding scanlines. Here's what happens instead.
The triggerbot will check if there are any red outlines that are entering this scanline (note the crosses on the scanline). If that happens it will shoot.
This solves many issues. Here's what a pure pixelbot has problems with.
Body shots cant happen. Without the scanline method, the triggerbot would do nothing after the initial shot of hitting someone because it would...
I don't think it's a good idea to write about the updates in the shoutbox as it might disappear so I will update this post with whatever changes I implement.


Future Update: D.Va System v2.0 - SUBITA MORTIS
Name means Sudden Death in Latin, as the cheat is primarily tested on Widowmaker currently to beta test and smooth out features. Fitting.
Why not test on McCree? Explained below:

Triggerbot - Super fast now and better color detection. No longer delayed or feels "slow" which McCree players experienced a lot.
Longer Range - All done.
Performance tweak - Done, from -15 FPS to -5 FPS now. Those 5 FPS are sacrificed for the overclocking feature (more consistent shots)

Optional Auto Shoot
- With the improved triggerbot, the auto shot is useless but maybe not for Widowmaker or McCree, who knows? Will test later.
Color issues - When aiming top down on someone it might not shoot or when someone gets hit by a Zenyatta healing orb their outline becomes yellowish. There's also a couple of colors not indexed yet.
Easy if you know what you are doing.

I worked on the triggerbot today, fixed the McCree problems and then decided to focus on long range. Widowmaker is a good candidate for this. Why? She is the only hero that can force the enemy outline from staying between a mix of red and edge of orange which will make the long range implementation smoother for me.

I've tried the triggerbot on Widowmaker in a game and I had a 11 killstreak as an assault Widowmaker by running around and only using the...