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Data collection is now over and I am sitting on 4 GB of screenshots.
Quite a lot don't you think?

Today I will try to build up a new color range and then try to implement it to the triggerbot.
The only issue I have is currently performance for such a task. The more colors = more fps loss. Currently the triggerbot is checking a lot of colors already and it impacts you 8 FPS. With 4 GB of data, I'm not sure how that will turn out as more colors = the more isolation I have to put in just to not shoot walls or identically colored objects..

If Overwatch rendered the outlines as external overlays outside any shaders, I'd probably just put in two colors and then I'd be done.
However since the outlines are rendered with the character models, they also are affected by lightning and transparency, meaning instead we get around 80 different color sets. Currently I only check for 15 color sets. Now you might understand why it might not catch all colors. In fact to eliminate the random floor/wall shooting as most walls are either orange or pink like the outlines, I have to isolate said problem colors and introduce specific color sets as replacements that jump over the buggy ones (pink walls/ floors shooting color sets etc).
This in turn can lead to 90 color sets. See how it keeps going up?
To make a perfect triggerbot I think I'd lose 40 FPS but I feel that is way too much and someone playing at 150 FPS would be reduced to 110 FPS and then the aimbot would start to feel wonky.
So currently the plan is to try to keep it at 20 FPS maximum and optimizing code and libraries.
I do have this crazy idea of having medium-long range (widow scoping) to only be activated when holding left click but I'm not sure at the moment if it would work as that would make first aimers lose a lot of color triggers.

As for the aimbot. Aimbot was already good to begin with hence no updates necessary...
Today, Deutschebank will possibly collapse.
Merkel has agreed on NOT bailing them out as it would upset other countries that are part of EU (Spain, Greece etc P.I.G.S countries with financial issues due to Euro)

If you are German, invest in some bitcoin as the currency is projected to rise from 600$ to 850$.

If you want to watch the collapse of Germany

Bitcoin projected 850$ hit.

Merkel's refusal

Stay safe, Germans.
Thought I'd share an old photo from 'Nam.
Time sure flies by.

There have been indicators of fraudulent customers trying to crack my program.
Even creating new accounts just to trade the software with me.
I did stop one recently but realized there could be users that have already traded with me after I told them off.

As retaliation I have now IP banned everyone that had such links.
They will be met with an IP banned message and presumably complain in my sales thread.
If that happens you can fuck with them and say that they deserved it.

Normal users will be safe unless you have cracking/fraud ties that extends to past exploits that have hurt others.

Actions have consequences.
If you aren't rank 3700 or wont be any soon, you can still gain access by participating in a Beta program.
The aimbot is almost finished but I need help with the triggerbot color detection.

To solve issues with triggerbot not shooting in some cases or straight up not detecting heroes due to unique lightning changing the outline I will need help.

I need data. Lots of it!
When I worked on Subita Mortis I played around 5-6 hours gathering data but It still wasn't enough as I did not play on all maps or get into all buggy situations.

By participating in the Beta program, you will rewarded with a Highrise Pass, Beta Badge to show on your profile and a Thank You in the Hall of Fame!

Check the new subforum Prototypes and Beta Testing
For more info: [Click here!]

Instead of Paid Updates or Custom builds for 500$ which is very common when dealing with Private Cheats, I've decided to give out my private build for free to costumers that reach a certain rank as a reward for your achievement.

This is a very common tradition in the CSGO cheating scene. The higher you climb in the Pro scene, the better cheats the coder will give you for a price. I will honor that tradition, but instead completely free.

I was originally gonna give it to the first winner in a Overwatch custom game hacking tournament but realized it was a bad idea with everyone flaunting their battle.tags possibly getting reported.

Why not release it to the public?

The only way a lower player player can get it is through purchasing a private build.
EXCITARE is not advertised anywhere and is actually just a fix to some feedback I was given by the pros here. This cheat is meant for them and no one else. If you are high rank, you can freely join.
I could have kept it hush hush but then it wouldn't be fair to others that would reach high rank in the future.

This is also something I'm doing out of kindness. This private build was created yesterday as a response. Meaning two weeks ago when I started selling this cheat up til yesterday, it just didn't exist.
The membership will be very limited and only the best will be able to join.
Just a quick update. The prices will be changed. OH NO!
No, I won't raise them. Instead I will lower them based on how many months you extend your current subscription. The 3 month fixed 50$ sub model stays. No 1 Month users allowed. Ever.
As I only want dedicated customers instead of throwaway ones.
The template for pricing will be:
Static: 50$ / 3 Months. That's 16$ / Monthly.
Renewal: If you order more than 3 Months. I.e 6 Months, you get 10% off.
20% off for 12 Months and over.

The payments will be handled automatically once I implement a new system. BITCOIN ONLY.

I won't ever implement Online DRM. Even though it would make my life easier.
I originally wrote much more but decided to cut it out.
The reason is that I rather sacrifice my time to keep you guys safe than to help Blizzard figure out how to get people banned by explaining how I keep you guys protected. A good friend of mine in the CSGO scene does the same thing to protect users.
Over 20 new customers this past week and only 1 vouch left. Appreciate it bloodtrail
Whoever you are, thank you. You have a special place in my heart.

I stayed up 26 Hours yesterdayish, finalizing the new cheat, bug testing, video, preparing it, handling customers and then responding within seconds to any issues if possible.

Today I did similar. If you got everything, please leave a vouch here as it helps me a lot to stay afloat.

You also get a Badge on your profile kreygasmkreygasmkreygasmkreygasm if you leave a vouch and report it here.