Here's the current changes for this week.
Cashouts available for resellers. Check the reseller forum and request a checkout. Will be approved within 24 hours.
Mod added, handles orders etc. Has filled out all recent triggerbot requests. Hooray!
For the Rwanda Kwanza competition, PM me directly with your current account standings with a full screenshot.

November's competition is guessing when Sombra is getting released.
Win prize in BTC.
Competition details
The site has been given a new look, thanks to the artist Arkayne.
New changes: Reselling has been introduced. You can track how many people that you have referred and how many have upgraded = commission.
If you are interested in reselling, PM me and I'll upgrade you to Verified Reseller status.

As for other news.
There's a Tournament Edition that can be tracked in Dev Nightly, with more advanced features.

Check out the trailer!
If you have a subscription you should see the Highrise forum under shoutbox.
Hello! I just got my API keys from
It's a very secure Bitcoin wallet processor and Block analyzer. I recommend that if you ever need an online wallet you should use as they have a lot of security options for any paranoid user.

Now for the other big news.
On Tuesday/Wednesday the site changes will roll out.
This includes:
A new showcase video.
Online shop system.
Open registrations
Software update free for all. Yes, everyone will have access to Highrise upgrade! Free of charge.
Rank requirements have been dropped for Highrise.

Again, I would like to thank the folks over at for helping me out! bloodtrail
- To all the early adopters that got referred here, you will receive a Bitcoin Icon to your profile as a gesture for using bitcoin to purchase my services earlier.
- Open registrations will be enabled soon.
- An interactive Bitcoin guide will be added, including store with BTC option. No more manual work.

Hopefully all this can be done implemented soon enough, as I am currently waiting for api keys and I don't want to be flooded with users without any workable shop.
The api is needed to confirm payments. Without it, it's back to manual confirmations which take time.

I am also thinking of upgrading the chatbox and enabling private chatrooms so you can find people to play with or people with similar rank or language.

Meanwhile SSL has now been implemented and 2 Step-auth will be enabled which you can do so through Profile > Settings. This will secure your login details and prevent you from getting hijacked.

A good reason to invest in BTC now if you haven't already
Edit: I've finished coding the new update. It will be released along with the site changes to streamline the update process and generate personal invoices.

A release video will also be included when this happens.
Some people would like a roadmap of our future.

Here's what's happening:
- i7 Build can be requested. Just make a new license thread and I'll fill it out.
- Free username changes, read the post below this article for guidelines.
- September Competition winners will be announced and rewarded, read the post down under for guidelines and entry.

Here's what's planned:
- Windows 10 build (If possible)
- Custom Theme for Highrise users (if possible) Just to look flashy!
- Custom hotkey support for all. (if I got time)
- Highrise; Aimbot (90% Finished, just needs tweaks), Triggerbot (Long way to go, will work on it more)
- Automated Bitcoin payment wall. (No need to wait for me to PM you on Ownedcore)
- A mod will be added that will also handle issues and licenses, NA hours should be solved.
- 2 step authentication optional. This is for those who want added security and are paranoid. Stops ALL hacking attempts.
- Legal area will be added, this is to inform your rights and have rules as I realized there's no rules atm.

If custom hotkey is introduced, it will just be .cfg file and no gui as people like being secretive.
It won't be obligatory and just optional if you don't want a .cfg file generated.

Leave a vouch if you are satisfied
If you want your username changed; i.e USER000XX > Tracer
Please PM me.

The name must be a synonym or an adjective.
Allowed: Winston, Flower, Banana, Pokemon, Cold
Not allowed: xXSepirothXx, F4NB0Y, procheater, icheat15, micheal10p
Currently only one guy has submitted his competition results.
At rank 3000.
That means currently the top 1 winner will be USER00044 at 3 months if no one submits a higher rank screenshot (Must be a full screenshot no censor, Only I can see it)

Deadline 24 hours.
I know many have already showed off their rank 3700 - 4100 Ranks, but that does not mean you are automatically eligible for reward. You have to properly submit it to this thread.

Not in the User Badge thread, that's only for getting a flashy badge on your profile.

Edit: current standings.
1. Hellboy - RANK 4120 (3 Months)
2. Secret - RANK 3720 (1 Month)
3. Oldschool - RANK 3130