We are going private as mentioned earlier this week.
Registrations have closed here and the old discord is no longer being used.
For the next 2-3 months, I will still continue to offer support here as this is around when people's licenses end.
We have a 7 days open free registrations for old customers to get a lifetime license for free over at: https://chens.cafe
If you aren't eligible, you are still free to register and apply like a new customer.

We are doing this to focus on a more community driven project instead of money or fame.

Until then...

The eternal cycle.
Whenever something happens, people often believe we are in meltdown mode.
We just sit around and wait.

We're not miracle workers.
Extremely long post. Please read this and do not PM me as most is explained below.
Press Continue... at the bottom to read the full post.

With time comes wisdom. As such I like to share my thoughts and any transparency possible.
Definitive Edition. Will not be released. Period.
Why? When I first designed the cheat I made it for specifically for Tracer and Zarya.
Then added support for more freedom, however most just toggle pro mode and do what the cheat is intended to do:
Play with a small advantage.
Today DVAS is notorious for being the most legit looking piece of software for a small buck, which annoys people a lot.
Instead coder's from all around the world decided to create alternative solutions by simply adding rage features and for insane cheap prices to get more customers.
For me it wasn't about any gain. When I wrote this software "I mentioned The Defense of Cheating." (Article)

Whilst I wasn't very honest, I did hint about my personal problems. I infact suffer from carpal tunnel and had have operations on my dominant wrist several times.
I cannot play any First person shooter normally. I cannot mantain friends in-games due to the super poor performance and physical pains followed. I can't even play BF4 on my PS4 anymore.

Writing this piece of software let me play the game like intended. That's why there's no rage features, that's why there's no auto aim.
The software is smart and uses 'magnetic' lock-ons, subtle ones. Similar to how aim-assist works for Console players.
Similar to how I contracted a personal coder for me back in CSGO to make a subtle aim based tool for my needs and nothing fancy.

There's no real advantage you'd have against a good player. When I released Highrise I mentioned that asking for...
My, my! In over 24 hours we had raised as a community over 1150$ for the Veterans in need.
I didn't think I'd ever see a milestone reached so fast, I've never seen numbers grow so fast in over a day.
All of the money has been sent to their respective charities, there's been no middle manning, no cuts etc. They get every penny.
These are the people of the community that decided to do something selflessly whilst playing video games.
Thank you all for participating, it really means much to me and everyone else that we decided to come together and help an important cause.
We even have several veterans of war that are active in our community and they appreciate it for everything.
Thank you everyone!

It's been a couple of days and we have lost many people on different sites.
To honor these people I've made a memorial page.
Please pay your respects to those who have fallen by leaving a message or reply with 'F' and you will get an icon next to your name:

Special offer:
Get a lifetime copy (non-private) for only 100$ - NO LONGER VALID 24 HRS
All you have to do is donate 100$ to one of these Veteran charities and send me a PM with the receipt
(All paypal friendly)

Successfully raised: 1150$
A banwave was conducted yesterday. As predicted.

No, DVAS did not get detected.
I've only had 2 users come to me and say they got banned but both admitted they had used public cheats (PixelClicker and Stinkyjoint's) before using DVAS.
All my 5 accounts are currently untouched, nobody else has reported a thing.

Happy cheating! Season 3 should be a cakewalk now for DVAS users, with no competition.
Click me!

It's that time again, a new update post.
Some people have their subs expiring soon and want to renew but not for another 3 months as money's tight.
If you are an existing customer, you'll have the option to renew your license for 1 month instead of 3.
If you are a new user and want to purchase, you still need to buy the 3 month package as usual as I want to keep the community small.

Definitive edition:
Recently I cancelled Glare, since I deemed it was to big and had some issues or bugs.
Initially it was meant to be another paid cheat as it had tons of features: Hanzo bot, Ana bot, McCree rage cheat (the memory type ones that everyone wants). Unfortunately as it was quite big and this is not a "memory hack" so I had to postpone those projects. They work, but there's some buggy things I had to fix.
Let me reiterate, I do not make rage cheats. I literally have 0 ban record. Not a single user has been banned whilst using my cheat. That's why I put a lot of effort into gimping the cheats but making them viable for high play.
No one wants to lose their 300$ account, I make sure of that. If you want some 360 noscope cheat and get called out all the time, look elsewhere.

However, together we will bring back Glare as Definitive edition but free*. You will be able to track Definitive edition progress update in the prototype section.

*Definitive edition comes free with all future purchases and membership renewals.
There's two new competitions up which can net you extra subscription time.
First one is active and can be reached here:
Competition details

Second competition will be announced as the season ends.

The changes that are going in effect now is the HWID case handling.
Currently two people have had their accounts hijacked, not to damage anyone but to get free cheats.
This is mainly done because users use same passwords on various sites, if you want to stop this you can:
A) Change password
B) Change email and password
C) Request an username change and then change password
Or D) Enable 2 step auth
However since people are actually busy playing, doing such things is not on their mind meaning inactive accounts will come to "life" and ask for HWID change.
To stop this, I've put more restrictions on HWID change or rather they were always there but not enforced.
If you are a normal customer, nothing will change. This is just backend stuff that I should be handling.

I do have other third-party alternatives to stop this, but at the moment I think this is much easier as it feels more free.